Beauty parlor games

Make upWe are only working with good quality ingredients.

wonderfulHow simple it is, if you don't need to think about how your hair will look like, but you can choose from a book, right? In this game you can choose the hair fitting your taste from a book.

wonderfulSuper hair studio, where you can cut hair, make a frizzle, or use a hair straightener the way you want.

Hair cutsHoly cow that's what I call pace of work, hands can hardly be seen so fast.

 beauty studioYou can enter to the world of an online beuty saloon, numerous patrons have to be served in the game, you'll see it is not as easy as it seems.

Makeover PartyGoing to a party and want to be adorable? Check in the beuty saloon for a little primp.

rougedCustomer talks, even if nasty a bit, has to be rouged, makeup prepared, as she will pay at the end.

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